Add a beautiful Michigan landscape, a group of Michiganders and together with the help of the MDNR and is born an informative site where people can share in their love for Wilderness State Park. In the spirit of environmental stewardship and conservation we strive to help Wilderness State Park exist just as it does for generations to come.


The Internet gives us a new opportunity to help collaborate like-minded people to engage in discussion about Wilderness State Park. Possibly even participation in future trash pick-up efforts and other group activities that would benefit the park and its longtime longevity.


We welcome you to ask questions and participate in the online discussions. You are also encouraged to join our email list to receive infrequent emails regarding Wilderness State Park . If you would like to contact us you can do so by email here.


"My brother and I first came out here to investigate reports of cougars and do some kayaking. A few days into it, all the great opportunities for fishing, wildlife observation, kayaking, hiking and tracking- I was quickly falling in love with the place. I still have not personally seen any sign of cougars here. But places where the magnificent forests meet long solitary beaches and turn into shallow waters- keep me coming back. Every time as I leave the park, I am planning my next return."
-C. Psenka